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Pack an adapter or learn to adapt!

Updated: Jan 17

Hi my traveling friend! Here is another travel tip that I learned from experience!

Different regions of the world utilize different outlets for power. (Okay, that part I already knew!) I have gone through different adapters and found a favorite that works with UK, Africa, US and Asia outlets.

What I didn't realize was that I needed to take my converter to Japan because I was told that the outlets were the ‘same’ as in the US.

Nay Nay!!

I am a Mac user, my laptop's heavy duty power supply cord has a grounding prong. The outlets in my hotel rooms and in the buildings I visited did NOT have a place for the grounding prong. I couldn’t use the USB port next to the bed because the cord I have is USBC – USBC. Thankfully, on that rip, I also took my ipad and it's charger! Whew!!!

The power cord for my Ipad has the same USB-C connection as my mac and yet had the two prong power box. Thankfully, I was able to charge my computer without making an additional purchase of another power cord. Japan is such a tech driven country that I could have found a cord in nearly any corner store of the city (there are 7-11's are everywhere!) – however it was nice to save my money.

Although I wasn’t at a loss of power on that trip – I learned my lesson: Just pack the adapter.

I'll see you out there!

plug with a grounding prong

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