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Don't exchange currency!

Updated: Jan 17

Most people want to exchange currency when they travel to foreign countries. Using cash in other countries is a good idea, however, the exchange rate is not.

Don't give away your vacation money!! Instead do this:

When you arrive in the foreign country, find a local ATM machine.

It's not difficult - they are everywhere!

Because ATM's are put in place by banks and are used by local residents, it is safe to use your Debit card to pull out cash. The things to consider are:

how much cash will you spend in open markets?

transportation needs?

small food items like coffee (A MUST!!) and small treats.

The withdrawn cash will come out in the local currency. And the best part is:

The only fee you'll have is the is the small ATM charge! That's it!

I withdraw only what I think I might need and then if I start to get low, I go back or find a closer ATM. (Remember, if you are near a city, they are not hard to find.)


This is also a budget friendly tip! This will also help overspending - as you will be thinking through how much cash you have on hand and if purchases are worth the cash. If you do not have enough cash on hand and you must leave a shopping item, one of two things will happen.

1. You will decided that it was a good thing that you didn't buy the item

because it was an impulse purchase. -- Or --

2. You really want the item and go withdraw more money. Then if

you go back and your purchase is complete, you will be justified by

the extra amount of money withdrawn and happy with your purchase.

If you have any cash left over, you can always exchange it for your currency on the way back into the country. This method saves money and helps you think through minimal use and planning your purchases.

woman holding  different currencies
Dollar, Euro & Kwacha

Side Note: The reason I kept extra money from the countries I've visited is because I like to use different country's money currency I teach children about missions. I show them how their missions offering is changed into the missionary's local money, in order for them to buy supplies or food, or provide clean water for those that they are ministering to. This helps children understand that their world missions giving really does make an impact.

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