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Water Travel Tip 💧

Updated: Jan 17

TSA doesn't allow you to take water through security. But you CAN take an empty water bottle. Most airports have water bottle filling stations connected to the water drinking fountains in their terminals. You can also fill your water bottle with ice cubes and take it through security! Which is awesome!

Note: you need to dump any melted water out before going through the tsa scanners.

woman holding waterbottle

This is a great way to save money and not pay airport prices for water. Water is so important when you fly. You need to stay hydrated on trips because planes have low humidity which can cause the nasal passages to dry out and create irritation in the nose and throat and cause dry skin. Staying hydrated helps all those things!

I picked up this cute little bottle in Amsterdam!

Collapsible water bottles are great because you can fit them in small pockets when you need to pack light. Here is my favorite travel water bottle

I'll see you out there!

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