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Small Town Tours

Updated: Jan 17

Mark and I were traveling through a small town in Texas last week and we happened to see a walking tour in progress! There were 20+ people following the guide and they were all chatty and laughing as they followed their guide down the street and through different buildings. They made it look so fun! We decided to stop and see what all was going on.

One of the joys of traveling is getting to see life in small cities. Every area of the country has something new and fun to offer and most of the time people only visit a big metropolis. But small town life has sooo much to offer! Unique shops, local artists, night tours and a history that no place in else in the world has! If you have an upcoming trip planned for work or pleasure and you have to drive through a few small towns to get to your location – try checking out what all may be available in those towns! You never know what fun is to be had!!

Walking tours, ghost tours, cooking classes, local festivals, out-door movie nights – there are some sweet memories to be made along the way. This is also a fantastic new date night idea! Check out your home town or a town nearby to see what all they have! You'll never know what you've been missing and you make make some new friends along the way! Don’t miss out!

I'll see you out there!


nighttime walking tour

man and woman in front of restaurant sign

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